I have this Girl I like?

I have this girl in mind I love. Mostly I can't stop thinking about her, the only thing just say God Bless You! Well She is 12 years old (I asked her), (I don't want to sound pervert [I'm not] but I'm 15) I Can't stop, just her I look for her, pay attention to her, I have my eyes only on her,I only love her (First Love), The way she dresses, the way she looks, she all clean (Well she is a Pentecostal Christian that loves Jesus Christ). When I see her, I just give her a hug, and Say "Hi!"

How could I make her understand, how I feel about her, How could I say " I love You, so much". I Know she is Pentecostal like 100%, but I'm too, we are in the same Church! I tried to talk to her when she is alone, but I don't have words to say; I get nerves when I tried to talk to her; How could I at least get her to be her friend of confidence.How could win her heart her trust, How? Please Help?


I'm not trying to hide anything from her or maybe her parents if they find out! but I cant wait like till I get old like 12 years from now on! At least to be her friend of confidence. Like I'm afraid because there is for her so many boys in world that she gets to choose, An waiting so long I might lose her.Then single forever,until my Death in Christ.If I lose her, the only thing I would see is Christ Jesus and Her just the last moments with her.Please Help? How I win her?

Update 2:

What she I tell her?

Can you give me as many compliments to tell her as you can? Please Help me?

Update 3:

What could I Tell her?

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    Stanley you seem like a sweet young man. In the Christian faith you two may be able to have a relationship that lasts until marriage but first you need to gain confidence. Do not focus trying to impress her because this is temporary. You two already share an interest (Jesus Christ and Pentecostal!) talk through your heart about the word the preacher preached that Sunday and ask her opinion on a matter. Be real but don't do anything before you pray for God's guidance in this matter. God bless!~your pentecostal God sister

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  • 7 years ago

    It sounds as though you really care for this girl. I think you should work on your friendship with her before you confess your undying love for her. If you come on too strong, you may scare her off. Just try to be her best friend for now. The best relationships in life are the ones that stem from a good friendship. Try to make excuses to hang out with her without being too obvious about the way you feel. Ask her to go to the movies with you, or go out to eat. Help her with her homework, or find something athletic that you both enjoy doing, such as jogging. Invite her over to your house for dinner. If you want to pay her compliments, try to concentrate on one's that don't reveal how strongly you feel. Compliment her jewelry, her clothing, or her hair. If you compliment her too much, she will immediately know how you feel - so watch it. Good luck.

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    Tell a bad ***** " Girl let's go hang, you know me rolex, gold chain"

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    Tell her she is special.

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