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What should I do about police calling me for questioning?

I am 16 years old and the police have asked me to come in to the station for information regarding an open case. They would not tell me anymore information over the phone. I am a complete honor student, a 99 overall average, in various clubs such as DECA, yearbook, a national academy, and several AP classes. I have never drank, smoked, or done anything illegal. I haven't even aided anyone in doing illegal activity or witnessed anything. I honestly have no clue as to what they would want from me. I agreed to go tomorrow but now i'm leery on going. If I do go and feel uncomfortable, what should I do? Even my friends are all great kids, what would they want? Thank you much.


I read numerous cases of people asking if they should go in for questioning but they all admitted to doing a crime and are trying to avoid it. I have no crime that I am hiding.

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    Even if you are 100% innocent, the best thing to do is ask for immunity from prosecution before agreeing to the interrogation. There have been plenty of cases when people thought they have nothing to hide but they ended up under arrest... because they thought honesty will not get them in trouble. WRONG. Do not EVER.... EVER talk to the police without a lawyer or immunity.

    Okay look, you don't have to take my word for it. Take the word of a law professor and police detective. Watch this video:‎

    If that link doesn't show up, search YouTube for "why you should never talk to police" The thumbnail of the video has a guy in a dark jacket with a bright yellow tie.

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    If you are 16 you need to take your parents with you. In many states you are still classified as a juvenile and therefore have a little different set of rules. Also if your parents are with you the police are a little less likely to pull and games on your or try to con you into something. If the police are being straight up with you they should have offered to have your parents present and given you a better idea of why they want to talk with you.

    If you decide not to go at least have the courtesy of telling the officer you will not be there and they should call your parents if they are requiring you to go to the police department. They may only want to talk to you for information but you never know what is in their mind.

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    Trust me, its not that big of a deal, if you know you did nothing wrong then you should be fine. Sometimes they need information from people that may have witnessed something. Its possible that that's all they are calling you in for.

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    You don't have to go, but if you don't and they want you, they'll just get a warrant and pick you up. So, yeah. You have to go. Just go. You don't know if you're in trouble or a witness. Cooperate. If they question you about something related to you, and you think you're in trouble, then politely say, "I'm happy to cooperate, but before I answer, I would like my parents (guardian, attorney...) here please."

    Otherwise, just cooperate and see what they want.

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    Go and just answer the questions honestly. You have nothing to fear if you've done nothing wrong.

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    Answer their questions.

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