I am a gemini women dealing with a Scorpio man?

Idk what to call it is that we have he's so weird , we've been kissing and having sex now for 9 months we started out in the summer hanging out pretty much everynight then we moved away from eachother now its kinda whenever we can see eachother he never text me during the week or calls and he never told me where I stand but the feeling when we're around eachother makes me feel like he cares and the fact he comes far way to see me I have a feeling about him Inever had , idk if I'm falling or what but id wanna tell him to make him think I'm crazy idk really what my next move should be or how if he even cares its confusing ??

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  • 7 years ago
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    I don't know if Gemini and water sign mesh well. I was seeing a Gemini Guy and he was weird as heck. Hot cold confused idk what to call it. I'm not sure what type woman he need coz he always had a new one. I can deal with Aquarius or even Libra men..based on my friendship with them I can see a relationship as a possibility. But not with a gem ..no common ground.

    Scorpio Gemini relationship from what I've seen can be testy. But when its solid its good because Scorpio men can be loyal and accept you for you.

  • 7 years ago

    It's funny you posted this question b/c I have been wondering what to do with this Gemini guy that I am into. He has been acting the same way that your Scorpio guy has been behaving.

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