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how do i know my duck eggs are ready to hatch?

i have orphaned duck eggs that were at my pond and i think the mother died, (although i cant tell the difference between a boy and girl duck, but we have two ducks) so i put the orphaned eggs in a cozy bucket and shined a lamp on it. How do i know when or if they will hatch?

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    It takes more then just heat for eggs to hatch. It takes humidity and other factors.But you can check if there is a living duckling embryo in the egg by putting the egg against your ear and listening, if there`s a living duckling inside it should make some kind of sound.Or you can put the egg against a strong light bulb-the light will show darker outline of a duckling in the shell and its moving - if there is one inside...good luck. Enjoy your experience.

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    complicated aspect. search using google and yahoo. it will help!

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