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Teacher accuses for wrong reason?

I'm going to start from the beginning, my friend texted me in class and my phone vibrated in my pocket, I asked my teacher to go to the bathroom and I answered the text and turned my phone off, later I turned my phone on after school and I had a voice mail from the kid, it was the teacher she said I don't think so *my name* you will be loosing your phone. How can I get out of being in trouble because we have an end of the year field trip to a water park and I don't want to risk loosing the chance to go for something I didn't do, she thinks I was texting her, I was thinking about going to her room and sayin I was sorry and I learned from my mistake.

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    Kids ask all the time on here if the teacher can refuse to let them go to the bathroom. This is why kids can't go to the bathroom any time they want- they abuse the privilege. Yes, go to the teacher and apologize.

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