Someone apparently told my "boyfriend" I'm talking to & madeout with another guy?

Okay so I said "boyfriend" cause we really do act like a couple but he hasn't asked me out yet.. so yeah lol. But anyway, yesterday he was texting me and something seemed off so I asked him whats wrong and he kept being like "I just heard something about you" and he wouldn't tell me and I kept asking and hes like "just don't worry about it I trust you all the way" and stuff like that, but I finally got it out of him and he said at the bus ramp this girl told him that I was talking to another guy and making out with him. Which isn't true at ALL. And I kept asking him questions but he kept trying to change the subject. Obviously I denied it cause it isn't true but why do you think he didn't want to tell me and kept changing the subject? Do you think he made it up? I just don't know, I was confused

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  • 7 years ago
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    1. He trusts you.

    2. he does not want to relive it once again by saying it.

    3. He loves you

    4. He hates to talk about it

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