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Need help on 9th grade math!!?

Factor each polynomial, if possible. if the polynomial cant be factored put prime. ^ is symbol for squared. 10 points for ALL answers thanks (:

a^2 - 4

1 - 49c^2

36 - n^2

5c^2 - 4d^2

8n^2 - 72p^2

36n^2 - 25

t^2 - 64^2

25v^5x - 9v3x

75x^2 - 147y^2

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    (a-2) (a+2)

    (1-7c) (1+7c)

    (6-n) (6+n)


    8(n-3) (n+3)


    (t-64) (t+64)

    3x(5v^2-3)(5v^2+ 3)


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    sorry but this is your job. there are many more or less difficult methods

    this was a big deal question before algebra was brought to Europe by the Arabs

    in short it is a guessing game at first.

    you know 2 * 3 = 6

    but given 12 what numbers multiply together to give 12?

    you know x * 2x = 2x^2

    guess what (..) * (...) gives a^2 + b^2: be careful with negative multiplication

    Source(s): start with the simplest and work to the hardest. NOT EVERY expression has a simple factor but all equations can be solved with "complex numbers" which include the square root of (-1), (if there is any such thing) (( there is, later in math))
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