I had a dream where someone stabbed me? What is the emotional meaning of that dream?

So a few days ago I has a dream where I was just walking around and then a guy came up and he put a scissor to my right shoulder he pushed it into my flesh then dragged it diagonally to my lower left side of my back. I didn't feel any pain because it was just a dream but I just laid down on the ground and bled. Later in that dream my mom was talking to the guy who stabbed me and I was crying "no mom don't. They'll kill me!"

I'm not asking for the who "magical or paranormal" meaning behind this dream. I just want to know if my body is trying to tell me something or if my emotions are?? Does this dream mean anything phycologically?

And then a few nights ago after that I had a dream that I has this big tumor on my wrist (the place where you can see your vains) I cut it off with a knife and I started bleeding and I felt pain.

Does that dream mean anything?

Just curious. Thanks to whoever answers :)

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Propably its because of stress.People who are unusually or daily stressed tend to see in their dreams that they are being chased or hurt by other people.

    Btw I kinda like these dreams they are interesting:P

    Hope it helped:))

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