10 points - What is a word that means the action of being concerned for how people think?

What is a word that describes the mentality of being concerned for other's mentalities?

Not necessarily sympathetic or understanding or vicarious but more so just the physical act of trying to develop an understanding of someone's mind.

Most applicable word I am looking for I will give the best answer to.


Good answer allycat. That is exactly what I needed.

Bonus points if you can help me find a word that means to be unconcerned about someone's body. I am basically writing an essay on this picture:


I am trying to develop a thesis that essentially states that women aren't as psychoanalytical and indifferent for men's bodies as they like to think. I understand that is not necessarily true for all women but I am essentially just arguing that women use the same criteria as men for finding love. If you can help me develop this thesis that'd be awesome

Update 2:

Not sure if that link works for everyone. Try this instead: http://tinyurl.com/cuf5xje

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