Can a female teacher hang out with female student during summer vacation?

Before you start shouting no and calling it favoritism, I'm leaving the school next year. Going into 9th grade next year, onto a completely different school. Me and the teacher are very close and she's pretty much like my mother. But I'm not exactly sure how legal it'd be to either meet at neutral place(cafe, coffee shop) or talk back and forth via email or something. Can someone enlighten me on this? I love her a lot and I really want to keep in touch during the summer and beyond!


Okay, I don't know where you got the idea that I want a sexual relationship with her.. But that's really nasty. I said she's LIKE MY MOTHER. #_#

And she's currently not even my teacher. She teaches 6th grade & I'm in 8th. So, she has absolutely no teaching involvement with me.

I understand that she may not want to (which is absurd. Her husband told me she loves me-not to sound like a creep.) 'hang out' with me, but we meet and talk for half an hour in her classroom every week. I don't think she minds hanging out with me. :/

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    Bella I understand that YOU would like this but honestly your teacher would be a fool to meet up at ARRANGED meetings off of school time..................Also unless the rules have changed a GREAT deal most schools also stress that they can NOT have email contact with students etc etc.

    You should step very carefully as she may well HAVE to turn you down due to the if she has a family of her own it is a little unfair for you to start wanting her attention in HER time.

    edit : and I STRESS that it takes place AT SCHOOL.........ok clearly you do not give a crap that her job may well be put at risk, but hey so long as you get wtf you want right, after all that is what it is ALL about................

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    Many school systems have rules against friendships outside of the classroom, and for good reason.

    You may have a friendship with her now that you are her student, but once out of the school, that really becomes awkward for the teacher. Not only will they have new students soon, they have little time to themselves without students. Presuming to be part of her life is not a good idea.

    A good teacher can make you feel supported and give you the confidence to succeed in life. Go do that, and make her proud. If you hang around and cling to her, she will be put in the uncomfortable position of scraping you off, and certainly she deserves not to have to do that.

    She has been wonderful to you so far, but she is still your teacher, not your mother.

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    It sounds like you are looking for a sexual relationship. It's a bad idea, even if nothing happens, because people will think something is happening.

    So don't plan on it. You are just a child and the teacher can get into all kinds of trouble. Wait four years.

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    I see nothing wrong with it provided that your parents know and are okay with the teacher continuing to be a mentor or like a "big sister" to you. I would only see a problem if the teacher was still suppose to be giving you grades etc. I know that my son still keeps in contact with one of his teachers and I think it is positive as she has helped him to understand the importance in grades and that teachers are actually people just like anyone else. There are programs like big brothers and big sisters which are so short on volunteers that it is great that someone has taken an interest in a young person. Again as long as your parents know & are okay with it & the relationship is positive in nature.

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    just chat with her with google talk, it is convinient

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