Your thoughts on the name Gatsby?

One of my brother's and his wife are trying to conceive and if they have another boy, they plan on naming him Gatsby Lucas. Surnames are really trendy right now and Literary names are pretty popular too, and I'm sure Gatsby could rise in popularity because of the movie coming out this month, but what are your opinions on it?

FYI My brother and his wife are really odd. There is no point in telling them not to pick the name Gatsby (Gatsby is a lot less odd than their first son's name)


Lol to Juliette... They are weird. I'll show them your comment but they won't care. They older son is literally named Spider. Our entire family tried talking them out of it the whole time Maya was pregnant and it did nothing.

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  • 7 years ago
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    I like it, but I agree with you it'll probably be pretty popular because of the movie coming out soon. I feel like whenever their 2nd kid is old enough for school, there will be three other Gatsbys in his class. Hahha.... did they really name their first born spider? :s

  • Dibs
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    7 years ago

    I personally don't think that Gatsby is suited for a first name.

    The narrator of the novel was Nick Carraway. I understand that Nicholas would be a little too mainstream for them, but I think Carraway is much nicer than Gatsby. It is still a surname, but it isn't as recognizable as Gatsby. Not only is the book extremely popular, but the movie is coming out as well, which will only make the connection to the book that much more obvious.

    The book is well known and there still aren't little boys named Gatsby running around, so I don't think the movie will have any impact on the popularity of the name.

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    Ok, ~Marissa~, It's time you go to The Juliette Academy. (my name is Juliette..just thought i would let you know) It's an IV League school that no one has ever heard of. Located inside a ditch. A overwhelming student body of approximately -302729 students. I'm about to teach you the most important lesson their is when it comes to naming your baby. Lesson #1 NEVER! and i mean never! name your child after a person in literature that everyone will associate him or her with. Ex: Gatsby? Oh! Were you named after the Great Gatsby? That 30 some year old wealthy guy who was once poor but earned his wealth by being a criminal? That Gatsby? Oh wow! Talk about a role model! CRIMINALS ARE NOT ROLE MODELS! Also, I personally think of Leonardo DiCaprio going insane and screaming at people and going to nightclubs. Is that what you want your child to be associated with? If you really love the book/movie so your child 'Jay' because in the book the characters name is 'Jay Gatsby' but everyone calls him Gatsby..

    Source(s): The moral of this lesson is to talk your brother and his wife out of this horrid descision! THEY CANNOT NAME THEIR CHILD GATSBY! Help them! Are they even fans of the book..if they have never read the book can you imagine what idiots they will look like..If they don't read the literature..omg i can't even begin to tell you how furious i am..i would be here for hours..just try to talk them out of it..SHOW THEM MY COMMENT!
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    Just the connotation that the character Gatsby has would flip me off. His whole existence used to be a lie. Now not something i would need to pass on to my son nonetheless it does sound cool. For a GP, I have no problems with it :) quality Regards, Sammy

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  • Ummm I feel like the name gatsby would be a little too familiar to the book.... He would forever be compared to the "great gatsby" and Leonardo dicaprio.

  • Lo
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    7 years ago

    I don't like it, I know you said they like odd names but I just don't like it.

    James was Gatsby's name before he changed it to Jay- but that's probably too main stream for them. I guess Gatsby could work, but the kid would definitely get made fun of.

  • 7 years ago

    Personally, I wouldn't use it, it reminds so much of The Great Gatsby and actor Leonardo DiCaprio. But then again it's his kid, if he and his wife really likes it then the should just name him that.


  • 7 years ago

    I personally like it. It has a sort of spunk to it. And he won't be one of the 20 gatsbys in class.

  • 7 years ago

    Bad choice.

  • 7 years ago

    It's great!

    Lol, see what I did there?

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