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GS, what irritates you the most: Disparagement of your gender or your nation?

Q2: Is there a fine line between nationalism and xenophobia?

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    My gender.

    I can never be offended by disparagment of my nation, and YOU know why! ;p

  • I get upset when people say disparaging and disrespectful things about my country and the people who live in it, or were born in it yet may be living out of it.

    BQ: Among other things, xenophobia is rooted in and grows forth from nationalism, so there is no line between them. The fine-line exists between patriotism and nationalism wherein people confuse the two.

    Source(s): Patriotism vs nationalism.
  • My gender. It annoys me when childish people point fingers as their only way of attaining some sort of 'superiority' in life..

    Quote 1:- If You have nothing positive to contribute to the discussion - you have nothing to contribute.

    Quote 2:- Only by pushing others down into the gutter can you raise yourselves above it.

    In terms of my nation - I disparage the Lucky Country - since it is the view of far too many that since it IS in many ways a lucky country - suffering no internal wars (hmmm), endemic disease, unlawful actions by armed gangs bent on tribal genocides etc (hmmm) - they should somehow use it as the social science experiment of the Planet Earth/Gaia, thus generating the destruction of the precise situation they see as making The Lucky Country perfectly suited to just that style of experiment (read abuse).

    Quote 3:- 'I am more than happy for the State to give me my Rights; what is not acceptable is that the State attempt to compel me to accept its Wrongs, nor that it demand that I accept a trade-off between Right and Wrong - that in return for some Right, I should accept equal or greater Wrong'.

    - Rastus Xavier. Haitian Philosopher (at the time of the Haitian quake, he was handed the Right to survive - but had to accept that in order to do so he would be forced to scavenge for food rather than receive equal handouts, since he is a man - which was a Wrong).

    MY nation is in dire need of urgent repair - and soon.

    Footnote:- the 'hmmm's are in regard to the Gender War deliberately staged, and the growing number of armed groups within society who have their own agendas, some criminal, some revolutionary - some criminal government.......some are armed with 'law'.......SSDD.....

    Quote 4:- "Some people rob you with a six-gun - others with a fountain pen'. - Woodie Guthrie.

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    I don't really care one way or another if people have disparaging things to say about my gender. People that do that usually have their reasons(mostly being because they have seen the way so many men are oppressive and violent). It's completely understandable, though I do try to explain to them that not all men are like that.

    That being said, I don't like xenophobia or any anti-American sentiment. Most of it is lies and jealousy of our great country. Many of these people that trash talk us have no problem taking our hand outs, but at the same time like to say horrible things about us. It's ridiculous. Jealousy is an ugly thing...

    Q2: I don't think so. Xenophobes are usually that way because they don't know what they're talking about.

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  • Well because I believe in freedom and America I believe people are free to express themselves even if that expression is anti-American. I'm even willing to them out. After all nothing is perfect, not even America. I may not agree but I'm willing to listen. Same goes for gender.

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    Disparagement of my nation arouses me.

  • 7 years ago

    My nation of course.

  • Glinda
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    My gender.

    It's the generalizations that get to me the most. "all women" Well, I'm not all women. I'm only me.

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