Is my period starting?

Today i stayed home from school 1. I have a black eye 2. I had a painful jabbing in my stomache. About an hour ago I noticed my underwear was wet so I changed underwear. When I looked at the ones I changed out of there were light brown spots on it, I have had cramps, the munchies, discharge, and all sorts of that stuff. I'm 13 tomorrow. Is my period starting? If so, how do I tell my mom? (I'm shy about that stuff)

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    7 years ago
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    Well, for one, sorry to hear about your black eye! As for your main question, I remember having really awful pains in my abdomen area, just below my belly button. I personally have never had munchies so that might be unrelated, but if you're having spotting, then it's very likely you are either having or about to have your period. Have you ever had one before or would this be your first time?

    As for telling your mom, just go talk to her. Be like, "Hey, Mom, I'm having a lot of cramps and I think I'm getting my period." Not only is she a good source for answers for questions related to it, but she'll need to know in order to get you the supplies you'll need. I know it's kind of an uncomfortable thing to talk about; I was the same way when I first got my period. But you'll take a lot of stress off of yourself if you are just open with her. She's your mother; she went through the same thing at your age and more importantly, it's her job to take care of you and teach you. If you are worried about inconveniencing her or feeling awkward, just remember that she was in your shoes once too, and it'll be better to bring it up now rather than later. Obviously, it's only going to get messier from here, so you want to address it as soon as possible and save you both some trouble. No worries, it's all a natural bodily function and if you talk to her about it I'm sure she can help you understand it and handle it.

    Also, a word of advice: be sure to drink lots of fluids, preferably water, to keep yourself hydrated. It'll help with the cramping.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): I'm a female and I've gone through this before.
  • 4 years ago

    I normally most effective get cramps the day before my period, but every so often I get cramps for a day or two within the center of my cycle. The physician mentioned this is considering of ovulation, but will have to handiest final a few days. In case you have been cramping frequently for two-three weeks, might be you must take a trip to the physician simply to make sure the whole lot is okay. Hope you believe better!

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