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Is Maryland considered a northern or southern state?

I live in Baltimore, rand I never have been sure if people considered Maryland in the north or south. Many people in the city, including my self, seem pretty indifferent and don't really think the state fits in either category. What do people outside the state think?

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    As a southerner, born and raised in the south, I consider Maryland a northern state.

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    Northern-most southern state. It did not secede but the big fort built across the harbor downtown (big green mound now) was built not to protect Baltimore but to ensure the city did not sympathize with and arm the southern armies. Despite what people say, the Mason-Dixon line is not a straight line, it defines the border between Delaware and Maryland, and the top border of Maryland west just past the west end of Pennsylvania. So it is an L shape. If it actually were extended west, it would cut through Indiana and Illinois so does not delineate the "South".

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    In the future, please use the discover function. This is probably one of the 10 most asked questions in the US travel section.

    Anyway, it's a southern state. For some reason, people think that cities and the south can't go together, but no one considers Atlanta to be in the north.

    Maryland's state song actually has the phrase 'northern scum" in it. It is set up with strong counties and county-wide police forces like southern states. Accents in Salisbury and Frederick don't even resemble northern accents. And it is south of the Mason-Dixon Line, which although originally a property line, has become the dividing line between north and south.

    And most importantly, the US Census Bureau groups Maryland as a southern state.

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    Geographically it is a southern state, because it's located below the Mason Dixon line.

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    I think of Baltimore as a Northern city...Other rural parts of Maryland I just kinda think of as country...not northern or south. Idk isn't it above the mason Dixon line?

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