Does this girl like me?

Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts, I know a girl and she is my best friend, and I am her's. We are 14. Everybody says that 'we're perfect for each other' and we are asked if we are dating a lot. We laugh together a lot as well. Today when we we're messing around our arms intertwined, kinda like walking down the isle, twice, and she pulled away both times, one time she said it was bothering her. But then last week we were watching a scary movie and she buried her head in my chest and I had my arm around her. She always stands really close to me. I just don't know. It won't break my heart either way. I am just curious and would like some opinions. I do like her. She's a woman so naturally she's moody. Sometimes she'll come stand really close to me and then ask ME why I am in her space. When I say something sweet she'll say, "aww that just made my day:)))" But I think she is still like really in love with her ex, who broke up with her like a year ago. She just sends really mixed signals. Thoughts?? Advice on what to do?? She acted funny about saying I love you in English instead of German at the end of conversations, but she has said I love you in English before. Feel free to ask questions that I can respond too, to give you more info to help you figure it out. She has called me her brother before mind you, but its been a couple of months. She has also talked about marrying me before. Thanks and God Bless.

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  • 7 years ago

    Rule number 1: Girls are CRAZY

    She is probably "flirting", which can be deceiving sometimes. Maybe when you did the arm thing she wasn't ready to be touched, but when watching the scary movie, she was so scared she didn't even really think about that she was touching you, either that or she was in the mood to be touched then and there. I think she likes you. Girls always give off mixed signals. I have a situation where a girl is giving off mixed signals, but signals that don't really work together:;_ylt=AoRBJ...

    God Bless.

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