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What is the difference between a trait with multiple alleles and a trait controlled by multiple genes?

I am so confused. I tried looking it up, rereading what it says in my textbook, and I'm still utterly confused. PLEASE HELP ME I'M FREAKING OUT

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    An allele is one version of a particular gene.

    The ABO blood type gene has multiple alleles; A, B, and O.

    Each one of us has 2 doses of that gene (1 from Mom and 1 from Dad).

    So a person could have 1 of 6 possible combinations: AA, AO, BB, BO, AB, or OO.

    Only 1 gene is involved.

    A trait like skin color is controlled by multiple genes,

    that is, by several different genes.

    A person has 2 doses of EACH of those several genes,

    BUT the resulting skin color is the sum of the interaction between

    the products of all the alleles of all those genes.

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