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Are mirrors or phone/ipod cameras more accurate?

so i look in the mirror, and my face is tan, eyes are kinda shiny and i can see my eyelashes to, and i look pretty normal. but when i see myself in a video or picture i took off of my ipod, my head looks kinda crooked, my eyes look a little bit smaller and not shiny and I cn't see my eyelashes, and i look pale and looks like i have blemishes all over my face. which one is more accurate?

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    Definitely he mirror. Cameras can make some thing show up and make some things not show because they distort things. What you see in the mirror is an exact reflection. That's what other people see when they look at you

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    I think the mirror is I look prettier in the mirror than on camera pictures I look very ugly.

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    replicate. A digital camera is merely a 2-D image shooting one 2d. Plus, there may desire to be one thing interior of the manner the digital camera is angled or one thing. The replicate is a three-D image of your self that might not purely capture one 2d. many human beings appear extra valuable in the front of their replicate and in genuine existence than they do on digital camera. it is all about being photogenic.

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