Does anyone have a minecraft account they are not using?

I feel stupid by asking this, but does anyone have a minecraft account they would let me use?

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    Is there a reason that you need this Minecraft account? If there is, then ask your parents (or use your own money) to buy an account. If you can't (for a specific reason), I recommend asking a TRUSTED friend if you can use/share their account. If you aren't able to use any of these methods, you can play offline and just play Singleplayer, or play on a "cracked" server. Although, there are not many cracked servers.

    I honestly think that hackers will go to this question and take someone's account who decided to give out their Minecraft username and password. You know that someone can change someone's password on the website, right? That person who gave it out most likely wouldn't get their account back.Also, I don't think that Yahoo Answers is a site where you can share your account username and password.

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