Why are girls so stuck up and shallow?

So im 20 and In college and never had a gf but I really want one because I feel so lonely and I have a slight stuttering but I do workout and have good hygiene and I joined pof dating site and I message 5 girls a day a friendly hello and I never get a message back and.they seem so shallow I feel that I'm never going to get someone to like me. Even when I talk to girls in person they say I'm fat and ugly and short I'm 5'6 and weigh 147 so that just kills my confidence and selfesteem. But when some buff guy comes and treats them like **** they are all over them I have come to conclusion that all girls are shallow.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Yeah... we can be b*tches.

    Honestly, instead of trying to date any girl that will say yes to you, try to just become friends with a few girls. Having a friendly relationship will not only increase your confidence and self-esteem, but it will help you get some advice, some good friends, and access to lots of their other girl friends. Having friends that are girls can also make other girls think "who is that guy that is always surrounded by girls, lemme get some of that".

    In all seriousness though, not every girl is a fan of the "buff jerk", so don't lose hope and keep searching for some girls that respect the normal guys that treat women with respect! We are out there!

  • 7 years ago

    Listen, I'm a 16 year old girl. I'm 5'6 + 134 lbs. I have long curly hair, lots of curves, I'm 1/2 Puerto Rican + 1/2 American. I don't think that I am fat + ugly + short. I get teased a lot because of my hair, I don't have a boyfriend though I want one because I'm lonely, I only have 1 close friend. I'm telling you all of this to let you know that life will get better once you change your attitude. Gain a little self confidence! Girls are not shallow. It's true that sometimes we like guys who end up treating us like crap. However, I'm not like that, I know other girls who are not like that. Seriously, there WILL be a girl who will come along + love you so much for who you are! As for the dating sites, I think that you should just try to work on you. Do things that will make you feel better about yourself, anything! If you think that people don't care about you, just look at all of the ones who are taking time out of their day to help you ;)

  • 7 years ago

    Yes girls can be bitchy sometimes. Even the nice ones have their moments. But not all girls are stuck up and shallow, there are some guys that are stuck up and shallow too. People on dating sites are there for a reason, they obviously don't have good people skills and probably have issues with their personality, so that's why they have to resort to a dating site. That's really rude and mean if girls say that you're ugly and fat to your face, you shouldn't be wasting your time interacting with them at all. Don't worry about girls who act like that, they're not worth it. It may be that you're too sweet, you don't want to load on the compliments and chivalry and niceness, it can be overwhelming, uncomfortable, and a tad bit much for the girl. Being too nice to a girl can hint that you're insecure and not quite so manly. You could appear confident just by hanging out with your friends, going out, doing stuff, laugh and be expressive. Its a turn on because its shows that the guy is exciting, interesting, and doesn't care what other people think. He knows he's a cool guy. Pick up a sport or join a club. Ask one of your friends to introduce you to girls- aka get a wingman (probably your best option). Have faith in yourself and be patient, good things come to those who wait.

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    Stuck Up Girls

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    7 years ago

    Not all girls are stuck up and shallow. Some of us are quite nice actually. To me it sounds like you are desperate for a girlfriend, don't be. If you stop looking for a girlfriend and focus on doing more social things, then you will make more friends (who can eventually introduce you to girls).What you need to learn is that everything happens for a reason, it sounds like your not ready right now. It's true when they say you need to love yourself before anyone else can love you, So If you start working on being more confident in yourself as a person and being happy in your skin then the right girl will come at the right time for you.

  • 7 years ago

    Not all girls are shallow, but most are. Most just want a guy with good looks or money. I have already answered one of your other questions today and in terms of getting replies you gotta be original and funny, just saying hello and hi is gonna get you no interest. So try and look at key points on the girls profile like pictures and what she has written and send a witty comment

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    7 years ago

    Girls aren't shallow but they pay as much attention to appearance as guys do. If you're not drop dead gorgeous and want a girlfriend, then just try being funny. Or sweet. Or different. Just as not all guys are the same, not all girls are.

  • 4 years ago

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH. Says the woman who has this written on her profile: My title is Ashley. I'm a chearleader and probably the most populer person in my university. Their are alot of haters out their so please don't hate me simply because i am beter you then. LOL you cannot even spell general. Get a existence eight 12 months ancient who must be in mattress now.

  • 7 years ago

    Not all girls are shallow! Really just sounds like you have just met some jerks. Keep looking really most girls aren't!

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