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CDC says the median number of partners a man has is six and for women it's three, are you above or below?

Only 20% of men have have 15 Or more partners.

While only 9% of women have had 15.

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    I'm somewhere between 20 and 25, so I guess I'm above.

    Mathematically, if the median number of partners a man has had is significantly higher than the median number for a woman, that means that a certain percentage of women must be ultra-promiscuous, and there must be more ultra-promiscuous women than men.

    Come to think of it, maybe that demographic is "prostitutes." If a prostitute has sex with 5,000 men during her career, that drags the median for men up and the median for women down.

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    Obviously, the median number of sex partners must be the same for women as for men. Although there is little stigma associate with multiple partners for men, women feel that many partners makes them permiscuous (as in "slut") and are less than truthful. Therefore, women report many less trists than they actually have. Yes, women do lie about sex.

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    I am in the top 2 1/2 % of every grouping I have ever measured.


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    Hubby and I are both above.

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    Charley Harper must top 'em all!!

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