Hi guys, I really need your opinions on this, I am not sure what to think...?

I have been dating this girl for a few months now and I am head over heels in love with her. She is everything I want in a girl and more.

Seeing as this is the first relationship I have been in where I actually see myself proposing to this girl, I get conflicted in some situations involving her and other guys.

I go out of my way everyday to make her happy and smile, because she is truly the most beautiful woman to me in the world when she smiles and I would anything just to make her happy and get her to smile. People have commented that although we have been going out for quite a while, it seems to them like only a week, because when we are around each other we are almost constantly happy and romantic.

We have never had a fight before, ever... But what is bothering me is that I have seen her happy, and at a point where I thought this is as happy as she can get and I felt really good about it because it was my doing and she says that I am the person that makes her happiest. But a short while ago she told me about this friend of hers ( a guy, which I consider quite a bit more attractive than me ) and a few days ago she was in a mood I have never seen her in, she was above excited, all giggly and jumping around and when I asked why? she told me that this guy is moving to the same town we live in. She regularly goes camping with a club, and he is also member... but she doesn't really speak much about everything that happens on the camping trips.

This left quite an impression because I have never gotten her that excited or happy about anything... I asked her about this but she didn't really give me an answer and changed the subject but still said she loves me..

I don't want to sound jealous, but I must admit I am quite a bit.. do I shrug this off or do I do something... any suggestions?


I know her probably better than anyone else, we are in a serious relationship, fully committed.

I have never, ever seen her react like this... and she isn't person to freak out about small stuff, it takes quite a lot to make her laugh and get her excited, that is why I am concerned... But is my concern pointless or valid... am I over reacting? Thanks guys

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  • 8 years ago
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    I'd be worried about her reaction to the news that the other guy is moving to the same town, unless he is a long-term childhood friend and someone she is definitely not interested input whom she is close to.

    You need to talk this over with her, your jealousy is understandable and if she truly loves you she will take the time to explain her reaction. Unless you are completely happy and totally trust her she is not the one for you and you will make yourself very miserable. Talk to her and ask her to be honest. Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I think that your sense of insecurity is playing hell with you. Have you had ever a reason to doubt her before now? and if not, why are you doubting her now? She is just excited by the arrival of one of her friends. Someone that she has something in common with. Despite all of our loving relationships we still have a life to live outside of one another. We have to go to work, university, college etc; whatever, we go our separate ways every day of the week, and while we are doing all of this, our relationships are on hold. Then we go back to them as soon as time allows. That is the way the world goes round. Trust is a very important word in any relationship, and without it love will never grow. Don't be jealous of her as this could backfire on you, and it will serve no purpose. There is nothing to be gained from it and it only causes a lot of unwanted pain and suffering. Be a man, and stand tall, after all you are the man she is going out with. You should have nothing to be afraid of, or feel insecure about. Shrug it off, and don't let you mind start playing tricks on you.

  • Peach
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    8 years ago

    CLUE.. she may know you are all ga ga for her and she is playing you.

    You cant control where someone else moves too or anything, but why is she keeping tabs on him>

    AND IF NOT, she is only telling you this to make you feel insecure..

    You are the one that is happy . note that.. and you are in a crushing love..

    THat doesnt mean its long term. it just feels great now. Any good love needs to be nutured and understood.. You need to know her her family and her background..

    Take it step by step and enjoy the love its all in time something that changes.. be aware of your emotions and take it slow.

  • pk
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    8 years ago

    If she acts the same way when she gets a $100 purse for $25, then you probably don't have to worry.

    We here can't know her personality the way you do.

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