I just lost a friend... :( Help?

So a month ago I was talking to my friend and she mentioned this girl. (let's say her name is D) so in that time I wasn't friends with D. My friend started talking **** about D and calling her a slut and everything. I wasn't really convinced and I was trying to defend her. At last to get her to shut up I said "Ok she's a slut! And she deleted me off FB." then time passed and I started becoming friends with D. My friend got mad because she hates D and I was becoming friends with her. So she hates me now my friend showed D the text that said that I called her a slut. Now D is pissed off and said she's never talking to me again. My other friend showed her the messages about my friend starting everything. But D still hates me. What do I do??

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    Well, you should probably go up to her and tell her what really happened to her face. Say: well if you don’t believe fine but I’m not going to feel bad and try to be your friend when I didn’t do anything wrong… or something along those lines. Then walk away, she may be taking advantage of you; by wanting you to suck up to her and feel bad. If she’s your real friend she will come around and realize you didn’t mean it. If she doesn’t she never really was your friend to begin with!

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