Why can't I access the files on my external hard drive?

I just got a new laptop. It's a Lenova, running windows 7. I just used this hard drive 2 days ago, on my old Acer laptop (Also running windows 7) without issue. When I plug in my hard drive, it assigns a drive letter and I can see it in windows explorer. It shows how full it is. When I double-click on it to open, it says the drive is not accessible, access is denied. I've looked it up in device management and it shows that it is working properly and has the most up to date driver. I have changed the drive letter, hoping that would work, to no avail. My hard drive is a 250gb Western Digital My Passport Essential. Please help. Thanks!

1 Answer

  • 7 years ago

    I think, you must have set a password in your old laptop, which is making your hard drive inaccessible. Try to open it in old one, delete or uninstall the password lock and connect it to your new laptop. This might work. Otherwise, try opening it in old one, see if it is opening, if it does, then check the file system of your hard drive.

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