Period came a week and 2 days late and it's very light..?

So, my period finally started a week and two days later than it was supposed to. Supposed to start around April 27 and didn't start until May 6 and when I finally started, it was lighter than normal. Way lighter. Sorry if TMI but only had little blood on tampon and none when i wiped. Could I still possibly be pregnant? As of right now there's no more bleeding. Thanks in advance. ((:

1 Answer

  • 7 years ago

    Yes that could be implantation bleeding were the embryo borrows into the uterus causing some small bleeding. Take a test and see what the results are, if negative, wait a few more days and re-test. Then the next step is going to the doctor to be for certain because some test do not pick up the hormones right away. Good Luck

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