JWs, what conditions must be met by the GB in order to continue recieving your faith in them?


@J,...Let me substitute "faith" with "trust"

What conditions must be met by the Governing Body in order to continue

receiving your "trust" in them ?

I would think that any religious authority must have limits to what they can say & do

before followers begin to lose faith & trust in them.

Let's say the Governing Body,....what are their limits before they

overstep their authority and jeopardize peoples trust ?

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  • 7 years ago
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    I don't think there are any conditions attached to trusting the Governing Body other than they must be faithful and baptised Jehovah's Witnesses, men of good standing within the organisation. They don't even need to be part of the "anointed remnant." As long as they don't do anything to warrant being disfellowshipped, then they can be trusted. At least, that's the impression I get.

    What limits are there before they overstep their authority and jeopardize the trust of those over whom they govern? None that I've ever seen in print. Recently the Governing Body said "Jehovah molds us today primarily by means of his Word, the Bible, and his organiszation. Should we not accept whatever counsel or discipline we receive through these means? Regardless of how long we have been baptized or how many privileges of service we have received, we should continue to respond to Jehovah's counsel, allowing it to shape us into vessels for an honorable use." (Watchtower August 2013 article 'Let us not reject the discipline of Jehovah')

    Notice how subtly they slipped in the link between Jehovah, the Bible and the organisation? And the Governing Body head up Jehovah's earthly organisation, right? To disagree with them is to disagree with Jehovah God himself!

    15 July 2013 Watchtower article “Who Really Is the Faithful and Discreet Slave?” (to be studied September 23-29) – The article begins by sweeping aside the previous understanding that the faithful slave was appointed in 33 CE, and goes on to explain how the words of the “prophecy” began to be fulfilled only after 1914. The faithful slave is identified specifically as being “a small group of anointed brothers” currently comprising the Governing Body as a “composite slave.” The article concludes by boldly insisting that Christ WILL appoint the Governing Body, along with other anointed Christians, “over all his belongings” when he comes in judgment during the Great Tribulation.

    No faithful and obedient Witness (including the anointed remnant) will challenge the Governing Body because they have set themselves up as appointed by Christ himself over everyone in the organisation.

  • I Try
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    7 years ago

    I would guess that as long as the members of the GB are still breathing every JW will put complete trust and faith in them in every way. That is unless one writes a book called A crisis of conscience,

  • hepfer
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    4 years ago

    we've a stunning modern-day in God's word the Bible. we are able to study and meditate on the surprising issues achieved and going to be achieved. we seem at Jesus on the stake. Jehovah became there with him good as much as the top. He pulled his Holy Spirit away so Jesus ought to tutor himself dependable. as we talk we've an identical try coming upon us. we are able to have tutor ourselves integrity keepers without Jehovah's intervention. My faith has consistently been, even tho i became being raised Catholic. I knew God and Jesus have been 2 seperate human beings. I knew if I prayed for something it might come or take place. in fact in lack of know-how I better a elementary faith, once I grew to alter into one in all Jehovah's Witnesses did I understand i became on the terrific suited track and righted my know-how by bible be taught and assembly attendance. My kowledge no longer in basic terms larger yet grew to alter into precise. My faith tells me that situations would be annoying in those final days as does 2 Peter 3:a million-5. My faith tells me that Jehovah is the great deliverer and he's acquainted with who're his and that they understand him. for this reason be taught of scripture is so significant and why we would desire to consistently no longer forsake it or the accumulating with ones of like faith. we don't desire miracles using fact faith is interior the unseen component. in case you may desire to work out to have self assurance then it is not faith.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I don't understand the question. We don't view the governing body in any worshipful way. They are just running things and are human beings.

    Catholicism has the Vatican and pope and the pope puts forth his ideas.

    This is similar to any religion. There are people who run things and those who put forward their interpretations. No difference whatsoever.

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  • 7 years ago

    They do have limits. Their limiter is their :Lord who follows the direction of his father. And they have to follow the instruction manual. the Bible.

  • 7 years ago

    Just our faith and trust we have.

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