What is the coldest temperature a flame can be?

I know some gasses burn hotter than others but there must be a lowest temperature burning gas?

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    clever Q. never though of that

    but rusting is burning iron in Oxygen

    it gives off delectable infra red radiation

    any reaction that gives off energy gives off heat and has a temperature depending on how well the heat is insulated before energy generation = output balance is achieved

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    As far as I know paper has a natural ignition point at 451degrees F. This is the coldest I know of...However wood may be colder ?

    Here is a table from one of the Google sites....

    Fuel Gas Combustion with Oxygen

    (oC) Combustion with Oxygen and with Air


    Acetylene 3,100... 2,400

    Butane ...1,970

    Carbon Monoxide ...2,121

    Ethane ...1,960

    Hydrogen 2,660 ... 2,045

    MAPP1) ...2,980

    Methane 2,810 ... 1,957

    Natural Gas ... 2,770

    Propane 2,820 .... 1,980

    Propane Butane Mix .... 1,970

    Propylene .... 2,870


    Flame Temperatures

    Fuel Flame Temperature

    acetylene 3,100 °C (oxygen), 2,400 °C (air)

    blowtorch 1,300 °C (2,400 °F, air)

    Bunsen burner 1,300-1,600 °C (2,400-2,900 °F, air)

    butane 1,970 °C (air)

    candle 1,000 °C (1,800 °F, air)

    carbon monoxide 2,121 °C (air)

    cigarette 400-700 °C (750-1,300 °F, air)

    ethane 1,960 °C (air)

    hydrogen 2,660 °C (oxygen), 2,045 °C (air)

    MAPP 2,980 °C (oxygen)

    methane 2,810 °C (oxygen), 1,957 °C (air)

    natural gas 2,770 °C (oxygen)

    oxyhydrogen 2,000 °C or more (3,600 °F, air)

    propane 2,820 °C (oxygen), 1,980 °C (air)

    propane butane mix 1,970 °C (air)

    propylene 2870 °C (oxygen)

    Source(s): google
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