How do I get this really rude and annoying girl to stop being so mean? PLEASE ANSWER I NEED HELP!?

There's this girl who I sit next to in spanish, and she's only nice to me when there's no one she knows around and it really bugs me. She's really rude and obnoxious! And she pushed me out of my chair just to sit next to a guy! And that's mt assigned seat, and she asked me if I'd move and I said no then she pushed me. She always calls me a dumb blonde and stuff..I need to know what to say to her so she'll understand that she's beung really mean. And I already tried telling teachers but they don't do anything. Please she's annoying me so much I can't take it.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Sometimes it is better to just walk away and choose what is worth fighting for.

    As to the name calling? A simple retort like:" Really that is all you can come up with?" or "I thought you were smarter than that!" may help. Other than that, show who is the more mature by giving her the attention she deserves. Non!

  • 7 years ago

    Unfortunatly in todays society noone is socialy concious. And even tho violence isnt the answer. Its always a good choice to fall back onto. If verbal communication. Of hey do u realize your acting like an immature brat doesnt work. And teachera arnt helping. I would consider this. Record a video. Of u confronting a teacher of ur problem. If the teacher says there nothong can be done. Keep the vid. And get another video of the girl harassing you. Several. Jus so people get it. During all of this u should learn how to throw a solid directed punch. Typically the nose is what most would go for however. I personally enjoy a nice uppercut. Esp when someone is running that mouth. Make em bite thwir tounge. And the blood thtll come will do 2 things scare ur opponent and make u wanna hit em harder. U have to understand we are not the products of generations of peacefully people we are the products of kill or be killed. Otherwise u just jesus the ho. And turn the other cheek. Its ur choice. If noone listens or will help u then help urself. I kno it seems barbaric. And trust me it is. But u can either. Awitch classes. Switch schools. Tell the police? Ya right. I mean if what u say is true ur options r limited. Jus remember when u get nervous jus breath deep and focus

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    Unfortunately the advice above - will get you suspended --

    If possible - try to get to your seat ahead of time - and stand your ground -

    If she pushes you out - just ask the teacher (very loudly) -- Mrs. Jones, have we been given different assigned seats? Because "Becky" seems to think she's been assigned MY seat. - Perhaps you should just move "John" nearer to her. (sarcasm works - whining doesn't) -

    If she callls you a "dumb blonde" - Just say - "You know, I can change my hair color - but it's real hard to change being rude and obnoxious like you!" (same theory) -

    You have to have a comment ready - and don't let her get to you!!

    And stop being her "fall back " - when no one's around - dont' give her the time of day --

    Walk away - tell her "I'm busy" - I dont' have time for you --

    And - other than that - "This too shall pass" -- in 10 years - none of this will matter - so don't sweat it~~

    Enjoy your school years - they fly by and you'll go your seperate ways and maybe not see each other until your 10th high school reunion -

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    If shes nice 2 u when her friends are not around, dats the opprtunity for u to b!#ch back at her. Treat her so mean that she really wants to hate u. Show her dat u aint gon take sh!t from her. Nd she might change. Call her a h0 or slut when she calls u a dumb blond. She prolly mad cuz u prettier dan her. No worries

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  • 7 years ago

    LoL i had the same problem about a year ago with this brown girl who had a crush on me and she was rly annoying tooo. i met her at a youth group that i went too... long story short i was starving and she came up to me for the 20th time and said your not eating again(thier food is ****) so i flipped at her raging and swearing. she cried i laughed and im a jerk for it. Dont wait to tell her off cuz you will do what i did..... be nice and try to avoid her or tell her in a funny way Wow Your anoying

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