what the does this mean?

im a freshman and so is this guys i kinda like. we are in gym class together and we are ALWAYS talking. we're really flirty with each other and joke around, we also went to a dance together and we were eachothers dates. our whole gym class thinks we like each other but we dont really talk about it. he also went up to my friend and asked if i liked him but she said idk. today was the first time we've ever texted besides for the dance. after like 3 texts he asked me who i liked. it went back and forth between us so eventually he told me. it was another girl. i was really confused and so was my friend. then he proceeded to talk about sexual things such as guys that i could possibly like, and if ive ever mastarbated, and if i didnt reply he would keep trying to keep the conversation going. it was the weirdest thing. i honestly was just so confused because i actually thought he liked me and so did a lot of other people. my friend was like hes completely full of ****, he probably just got nervous, like why would he text you out of nowhere and then immediately ask who you like. so im just really really confused.

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  • 7 years ago
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    That's really confusing, but that's what guys are. He probably likes you and just wants to make you jealouse. And maybe he was just saying those weird things because he's too shy to say it in person. Don't really know what else it could be.... Guys are too ******* weird.

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