I'm so unhappy and I'm lost for what to do?

So I'm 16, last year of school and for the last 6 months, I've not been myself. I'm unhappy with my life and I feel lonely. I have no confidence, self esteem, will power and I self harm.

I feel like I'm stuck at a dead end, I've tried to tell both of my parents (my dad said it sounds like I have depression) but neither of them have tried to help me. I have no one else I can talk to because I really hate talking about my problems and I just cant do it.

Sometimes I wish I was dead, I'm not suicidal because I would never go through with it and I don't really want to die as such, I just want the pain to go away.

I cry almost every night and I just think about how I'm not good enough, how nothing I do will ever be good enough,

So yeah, I'm stuck at this dead end, I don't have the will power or concentration to do well in my exams and I'm so afraid of failing. I've tried to pick myself up and get coursework complete but I just seem to fall after picking myself up.

I feel like I cant try anymore, its exhausting me to the point where there is no point in school and no point in trying!

I'm sorry if this bores you but I need to let things out and see if anyone has any advice :/

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    7 years ago
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    Sounds like the should, would, could ofs. You are judging yourself against some idea of perfection that may be impossible to achieve. You should do _____ and you will have confidence. You would do ______ and your self esteem will rise. You could do____ and have will power not to self harm and do studies.

    Write down the things you think you are supposed to be like and how you really are...wait a minute you just did that! Could you print your question and show it to your parents? They may not know what to do to help you but you could brainstorm with your parents on what YOU NEED to get going. Setting goals, seeing a doctor to make sure you are healthy and following up on recommendations.

    You are not the first person of this age, not the last, and are surrounded by others facing the same questions and difficulties. You are good enough for me to take my time to respond. I am glad you are reaching out. Go get your parents involved, they have known you for a lot longer than I have. Are

    you worried you will not meet their expectations? Take care. Do it now.

  • 7 years ago

    Life is all about living. Sweetie you have your whole life in front of you. There are gonna be alot of ups & downs to come please dont waste your time like this. Try to volunteer at an animal shelter or perhaps at a nursing home or even at a foster home. This is where you will see that there are other 16yr olds that have it far worse in physical than a mild case of transistion~When you are 16 your body/hormones are changing daily this will give you alot anxiety too. I know at this age its hard to talk to your parents about this kind of stuff. Maybe its jus temporary since i noticed you said it was your last year of school. We spend all those years in school and towards the end its a time for change alot of time as young ppl they are not sure what to do w/themselves. This is a good time to set baby step/goals. You are gonna have to be your own best freind here. I sadly didnt have the oportunity to even finish school i was abandoned & left to live on the streets. So belive me its not that bad you have the basics alot of kids dont/didnt have. Try to focus on the tasks at hand FINISHING OF SCHOOL & YOU & not how you feel that only refelcts the way you think. Jus take one thing at a time. Imagine if you waste another day hating or feeling depressed. You cheat yourself out of the best that you can be. Knuckle down and take life one hour or one day/week at a time~We all no matter the circumstance simply live for the next day. Are there any counselors at the school you could talk too? If not i really think you should go back to your dad and tell him about the harming of your self~Its hard but they love you and if getting it together is something you cant grasp at this time it may be time to get some medical attention. Im very concerned for you & i hope that you push thru this. Please be your own happy ending. Im 3times you age & i can assure you with all my life experiences. That this is to be one of the best times in your life. Also check into your local library & YMCA they have alot of activities for youths.Look online for BIg Brothers or Big Sisters its an organization that gives mentors to teens. Its not good to sit in your room alone w/too many thoughts running loose.Even keeping a journal of how you feel putting them on paper often helps. Go get ACTIVE & Focus that negative energy to a positive.Good Luck its in you!

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