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Solar dependence. Please help 20 pts?

Okay so I run a mansion and all sorts of lights all day and night. How do I set up a system were I can use loads of energy day and night. How many solar panels do I need and how many solar batteries. Wait is there solar batteries that let you use your energy at night.

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    First, you need low levels of lighting, so typical incandescent lights won't work... you'll need to convert to LEDs to conserve power.

    You didn't give us any idea of how many lights are on or what kind of load you plan to run, so let's assume you have enough solar panels and lights such that 50% of the power you generate is used by the lighting, with the other 50% being stored in rechargeable batteries. (Eh... let's make 40% goes to lighting, while 60% goes to recharging batteries...) Assuming you always have sunny days, and that your nights aren't *too* much longer in the winter, you'll do fine. (Figure 1 solar panel can run 2 LED light fixtures while charging a battery at the same time.) Then, say you have 4 light fixtures per room, you'll need 2 solar panels for every room in your mansion.

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    There is no such thing as a solar battery.

    You go out and buy whatever batteries you like from a store that sells batteries.

    Batteries are expensive --- which means solar power is not as economical as it could be.

    Essentially, it is cheaper to use mains power at night than it is to have batteries.

    Also some power authorities allow you to sell your surplus electricity to them.

    You have 2 meters - one recording your consumption and one recording how much you supply to the grid.

    You need to speak to a supplier / installer of solar panels.

    You'll find that unless you get tax breaks, you'll take many years to reach break even point let alone a profit.

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