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HELP ME ?? My mother thinks im CRAZY?

I have a 2 year old pitbull and yesterday i was playing with him in my backyard. he started barking really loud because he heard a dog pass by, so i took him inside the house and into my room. my mom calls me from the living room and asks "why was the dog barking?" and i say "what dog?" to confuse her. i run away into my room and pour fake blood all over my face and clothes. i come outside to the living room and start jumping like a frog and barking (i have a good dog bark). she screams and she asks me to stop, but i dont so by now she thinks something is wrong with me. i scream "i ate the dog" and she almost faints. she called the police and they took me away because apparently i was a threat but all they did is ask me what the hell was i doing. they let me go afterwards, and the police explained to my mother i was joking but she WON'T BELIEVE ME!! what do i do?!!

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    You are mentally unstable. You are VERY lucky the police believed you, otherwise they could have held you for psychiatric reports and that could have meant you would have been committed to a mental hospital. sometimes people who go in NEVER get out.

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    SPend time in jail. Trust me people will in your jokes more there. **** your moms poor sense of humor.

    -Now jail, there bored there all the time & would love your humor. Trust me Go to Jail

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    Haha tell it mom that it was a joke. Then tell her u would never do that ever then tell her u love her. That's it and hug her and say sorry.

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