Does it make sense to go from TN-Visa status to Visitor status until new job? (then back to TN)?

I have recently terminated my employment in the US (which allowed me to have a TN-Visa), and now have to vacate the country.

I was wondering if it was possible / wise to temporarily switch to a Visitor status (have a place to stay here for now) until i find another employer to sponsor me on my next TN Visa.

Or is it not a good idea to immediately switch from TN status to Visitor???

Also, will they give me trouble at the customs if I do the switch (TN -> Visitor) at a port-of-entry from a 1-day cruise to the bahamas!? Or will that somehow attract attention and get me in trouble?

I ask because it seems like a good idea, but wouldn't want to find out otherwise upon my return...

thank you.


Also, if I go ahead and do that, and for some reason they send me back to Canada, I should still be able to re-enter someday soon as a Visitor, correct? (thinking the next day...)

I ask because my parents currently reside (and work) in the US, and we've agreed that I should stay with them for a few more days (family time while we can).

Update 2:

Then I'll go back, but I still want/need to stay a few days with the family...

Leaving / Re-entering as vistior (for a few days) seems like a good idea, no?

(forget the applying for next TN, i'll go back to Canada first and re-consider my options anyway. Still want to stay a few days with the family though, as a visitor)

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  • Ed
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    7 years ago
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    Trouble is the most likely outcome. Go home and wait for the next TN.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Don't hang around ..get out fast ...make it easier to show you follow the rules

    TN holders (and any dependents) are required to leave the US as soon as the TN status expires or the job is terminated; there is no formal grace period as there is with an H1-B. The individual is legally not allowed to remain in the USA to look for another job. If they wish to re-enter, they must secure an offer of employment from abroad

    Remember if they bounce you... you wont be coming back

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