Why do I keep dreaming about this guy?

I keep dreaming about this guy I first saw at a show, he was the singer (not a popular band or anything). I found him really attractive but that is about it. Later on we actually met at a club and he leaned himself to my ear to tell me his name and would not let go of my hand. He is really kindof attractive and I always thought he is way out of my league and I could barely stand on my feet after we shook hands and talked a little bit. Now I keep dreaming of him from time to time, and those are always some weird dreams in which I always have the hots for him and he always sends me mixed signals, or has some girlfriends who are "more attractive" than me. Am I, in my dreams, playing out a scenario I would expect to happen if I saw him more often or if my feelings towards him intensified? I always feel weird after dreaming about him, in a negative way, but while I am dreaming I think I feel good for just seeing him. Do I like him more than Id like to admit?

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    I think you have a crush on him. He is in a band, the front guy (the singer) even. You like his looks, and in the club he leaned in close to talk with you and held onto your hand. I think he gave you some nice reasons to be attracted to him!

    I don't know if he is honestly attracted to you as a person too, or is just looking for some action, a groupie/lover, when he is in the area. He may be a great guy, or a guy trying to live like a rock star.

    I expect that he would be very interested in seeing more of you, when he is nearby (and not when he is in other places and with other girls). I think that if you and friends went to somewhere else where they are performing and stayed in the background, and spied on him, you would see him holding other girls' hands and leaning in, too. (Or I might be wrong about that, I don't know.)

    Hope some of these ideas are helpful to you. :-)

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