I posted bad things about my teacher! I want to change my IP so my school won't find out its me!!?

I posted bad things about my teacher at ratemyteacher.com. The school suspends anyone who writes bad things and I don't want to be suspended. I was only telling the truth and talking about how she is mean.

***Is there any way that any computer genius out there can track my ip address and check where it says I am from?


She acts mean to everybody that is in her class, it is not only coming from me.

I already changed my IP address before i sent it so I just want to make sure the change worked.

Update 2:

I put my Ip address through a website that shows what the address of the IP is and it told me I lived in washington even though I am from Canada.

The website says it worked but I just want somebody else to try just for extra coverage.

I could not find a delete button

The terms say that the website has the right to give the IP address to any authorities if they ask for it.

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    7 years ago
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    Its' your own fault and it does not matter if you change your IP address now, your ISP will have a record of the user of that address at the time the post was made. and if this is an example of your behaviour she is probably only acting mean to you because you are not a very nice child. Take your punishment.

  • 7 years ago

    1) Your IP address is easily trackable

    2) You cannot change your outgoing IP address that the world will see, at least not someone in your position

    3) It's would take some sort of police action (I assume) to have them trace your IP, which would be ludicrous, probably illegal, and against the 1st Amendment

    3) Delete the post, shouldn't be that hard

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