how to flirt with a guy who's already a close friend?

Okay so this guy used to be my best friend and we kind of had a falling out as friends after a major fight we had and we didn't speak for weeks. it was awful cause I really like him. Now we're really close friends again, not best friends, but closer than we were when we weren't speaking. I still really like him and I wanna be with him.. So, I need some tips.. how do I flirt with him? I already hug him everyday.. but someone told me the other day to try like.. make the hug linger? how can I do that. any advice helps! Thank you!

1 Answer

  • 7 years ago

    dont flirt it only confuses us and hugging is not flirting ----- its being affectionate ---- as to getting closer then ask him out ---- have a conversation a real conversation ---- change what you are doing

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