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Top 10 floor generals in the NBA?

With the ability to score at will

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    1. Chris Paul

    2. D. Rose (when healthy)

    3. Tony Parker

    4. Russel Westbrook

    5. Kyrie Irving

    6. Rajon Rondo

    7. Deron Williams

    8. Jrue Holliday

    9.Ricky Rubio

    10. John Wall

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    1. Tony Parker

    2. Jrew Holiday

    3. Russell Westbrook

    4. Rajon Rondo

    5. Chris Paul

    6. Stephen Curry

    7. Mike Conley

    8. Deron Williams

    9. Brandon Jennings

    10. LeBron James

    In no order

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    Your checklist has actual no credibility devoid of invoice Russell someplace on it. to no longer point out, evaluating the super invoice Russell to Mutumbo or Mourning is actual laughable. invoice Russell became: a million. in all probability the appropriate defender ever 2. 2d nicely suited rebounder ever 3. 11 titles in 13 season , at the same time with 2 titles as participant/coach 4. Led an unknown college to 2 NCAA titles 5. The Celtics do no longer even make the playoffs after Russell retires. 6. 5 time MVP what's the factors to your checklist? you're form of in each single place. you assert Jordan carried out greater desirable than fowl, with much less? 1993 Bulls, with Jordan - fifty seven-25 1994 Bulls, devoid of Jordan - fifty 5-27 1988 Celtics , with fowl - fifty seven-25 1989 Celtics , devoid of fowl - 40 two-40 keep in mind that the 89 Celtics nonetheless had McHale, Parish, DJ, Ainge, and fowl became replaced with all-famous individual Reggie Lewis. devoid of Jordan, the Bulls are nonetheless a 50+ win team. devoid of fowl, the Celtics are a .500 team, inspite of having all those super gamers. So how did Jordan accomplish greater with much less? Plus, keep in mind that fowl led the Celtics to 61 wins in his rookie 365 days, up from 29 wins the 365 days previously with the comparable center team of gamers. It took Jordan 7 years to win 60+ video games. i'm no longer attempting to initiate an arguement, i only won't be able to see the form you place Jordan above fowl in line with that. in any case, my checklist could circulate like this: a million. fowl 2. Wilt 3. Robertson 4. Russell 5. Magic 6. Kareem 7-10 - in no specific order Shaq West Jordan Duncan _________________ the three 2d violation became enacted in 1944, nicely previously Russell entered the league. You and that i only have diverse standards for score gamers. i'm no longer bashing Jordan via putting him at #7-10. I only experience that different gamers have been greater useful all around than Jordan became. I comprehend your opinion, inspite of the undeniable fact that ...

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    9.Tony Parker


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