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Ways to forget this guy?

im tryin to forget about this one guy whos in another country who i likely wont c ever again..theres no way we can be together . i just need some encouraging words about letting him go.. im in extreme depression

Will i look better if i stop talking first?? and how can i let him go?i keep thinking of all our memories when he was in Us with me.. sometimes we talk on chat.. its jus painful.. hes about to have a kid this month too. Do i just stop talking to him?

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  • Andy.
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    Dear A,

    First off, I know exactly what your going through and the feeling of it. It really does hurt and hurts a lot. I think that's what drew me to your question to answer. What I think you should do first is to think about your feelings for him. Think about weather or not you really wanna let go of your feelings for him or you wanna keep them. That's the first step. Because some people in this case, even though they won't see each other again, they keep their feelings for that person because they feel as though there is another chance and hope. In your case, I think you just wanna let it go and be on your way forward with your future. And you know this is usual for people to go into depression after a hard break up or when we lose that special someone we loved tons. I admit, I was too. The way I coped with it and would like you to try is that I tried my best to not think about that person all day. I know it is easier said than done, but if you put your heart to it, you will do your best. And the ways I did so was by :

    - Staying home 1 day and just blasting music and dancing around the house having fun by myself and laughing. Because laughing is the cure for everything.

    - Play some video games to relieve your mind a bit.

    - Going outside and getting some fresh air and talking with friends and family and hanging with them. But only the ones you know that can make you laugh and smile.

    - Playing sports such as basketball, football, soccer, kickball, basically any sport to keep your mind focused on it and not that other person.

    - Trying new types of food and doing new things in my life I would not normally do.

    - Helping out other people, such as on here. Helping people will help you release your inner negative feelings a bit.

    I think you would look better if you stopped having any contact with him first, it will really help you on your way to forget about him. You can let him go by doing what I suggested above. What I really think you should do is just take a day to yourself to just get your mind together and focus on what is important in your life. It's not gonna be easy, but it's a step. Take baby steps to forget about him, just give it time. Memories is something that will always be with us, no matter how hard we try to forget those memories, our hearts always has a place for those moments where we thought they were special but turns out they weren't. I highly suggest you stop talking with him. But if you decide to keep talking to him, that's your choice. But I hope what I said can help you out.!~ and if you ever wanna talk. My e-mail is on my profile. Hang in there, just give it time.

  • walko
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    every physique who has an excellent effect on your existence, no remember who it quite is, would be with you for an prolonged time. this is why maximum persons basically flow on searching for somebody to make a bigger splash and wash the different guy or woman away. this is puzzling to forget somebody and that i believe for you. I desire you success

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