I got a gateway laptop. My mom had it for a couple weeks, gave it back to me and it wasnt working.?

Its the type of laptop where all the buttons are lights so it needs to be turned on before u can use it. For some reason, it turns on and all the lights come on, but nothing shows up on the screen, then it goes off and restarts itself and follows the same process over and over again. What do u think the ptoblem is?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Very hard to diagnose from the information you have given. If truly nothing appears on the screen but it starts up for a few seconds or whatever (fans and lights on) then its not good news. Likely either the power supply is resetting the power for a reason (cutting out) or the computer is telling itself to turn off - something overheating etc.

    To rule out that nothing is showing on the screen at all try plugging into an external monitor. If that's the case it might be the heat-sink or fan attached to the graphics is loose so it overheats.

    In summary loads of things it could be sorry! try checking if fans are working/clear and not clogged.

    Also try taking battery out and running just of mains.

    Also make sure the reset button isn't stuck on!

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