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Dad said i might be getting braces!?

I'm so exited to get braces!!! But he said if they will take my credit card then we will go! And hopefully we go within the next couple weeks. And hopefully the dentist or orthodontist pulls my baby teeth out.

What are braces going to be like!

If you have/had braces then I would like some feedback!

Thank you!!

Hopefully I get some hood answers!

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    Im sorry to tell you this since you are exited, but after a while, you barley noticethem. They hurt at first, but dont worry, take asprin or tylenol and you will be perfectly fine. Just dont eat hard foods the first couple days, please. Spare yourself from that pain. Heres a timeline of what braces are like:

    FIRST WEEK- They hurt some. NOT as much as most people say they do. They will hurt a little, take tylenol or asprin as i said before and within an hour no problem, just make sure your parents give it to you so you dont have to much, of course. Spagetti is great for the first day or so as it doesnt hurt at all, chips, pretzels, carrots may the first few days.

    NORMALY- You dont even know they are there. They dont hurt at all. You may get a little food stuck in them, but they give you a special brush to easily get it out.

    AFTER VISIT- Every 6 weeks, you go to get the colors and sometimes the wire changed. This doesnt hurt AT ALL. Its fun to get the colors changed, and it only takes 5 minutes

    GETTING THEM OFF- I dont think it hurts, but i honestly dont know. Still have my on.

    *People say you cant chew gum with them. Hahaha! You can chew as much gum as you want. I do, and nothing happens. This goes for all chewy foods*

    *When putting them on, they use this glue to ge them on, its gross gross gross! Dont swallow it. Other than that its fine getting them on+

    *When i got my bottoms on, they put little paint balls on the molars to adjust my biting. This feels weird for the first day, but its fine and you dont notice after that, and you may not get them.*

    *I dont have rubber bands so i dont know*

    *I got my bottoms a year after the top, but i get them off the same time.*

    Hope I helped! Dont worry. You will be fine. Dont listen to all the oh it kills people!

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    I had braces for two years. First the orthodontia will take photos of your teeth, he then puts some gel in your mouth this takes the mould of your teeth so they can make the braces. The brace itself doesn't Hurt but aches for 3-4 days, he will glue tiny metal squares on each tooth this doesn't hurt. Once the glue is dried he feeds a metal wire through each square along your teeth, to tighten he simply replaces the wire this pulls your teeth back. I had to have a tooth removed to have minefitted again didnt feel a thing, you have nothing to worry about. My teeth were sticking out, now I have nice straight teeth.

    Source(s): 2 years with braces.
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    Well Its Pretty Weird At The Beggining Cause Youre Not Used To Have Metals In Your Mouth lol but the first day you get them , right in that instant it doesnt hhurt till later that day because your teeth is goinng thruu some pressure. It hurts really bad , but after like 2-3days youll be fine , it will feel like that everytime you get the little rubbers changed. Youll get used to them. Not at the begginig but eventually you wiill. Youll forgeet how you looked with out them (: brushh your teeth all the time because food gets stuck even if you cant see it and you can get infections and a really bad breath. But once you take themm off youll kinda miss them but theyre totaly worth it (:

    Source(s): personal experience (:
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    If your willing to have great teeth then you look to look like a retard for 2 years,

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    Terrible, you'll want them off the second you get them on. After a while, it just gets boring, and also painful.

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    You have a credit card?

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