Are mold spores everywhere?

I put a petri dish in my closet with some potato dextrose and let it sit to collect some air before putting a lid on it. There was mold growing in it after 4 days. My landlord claims this is irrelevant to prove there is mold since "mold spores are everywhere" and I can put a petri dish anywhere and mold will grow in it. Is that true that mold spores would be collected from literally everywhere you try?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Yes mold spores are pretty much everywhere that air is. That is why bread gets moldy and food goes bad in the fridge. While mold may be pretty much everywhere, the spores require certain conditions to grow and thrive.

    Source(s): Biology degree... and my bread often gets moldy.
  • Gary B
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    7 years ago


    Just like plant pollen, human skin cells, dust mites, baby spiders, and inorganic dust, you will find ALL of these things almost everywhere, except maybe at the tops of the highest mountains, or in specially made, highly filtered "clean rooms" used to make sub-microscopic electronic parts.

    Your landlord is correct -- your experiment proves nothing. In fact, it even suggests that one possible source of mold might be the very clothes you are wearing, that YOU brought the mold in on your clothes!

    The ONLY way to put the blame on your landlord would be to pay a PROFESSIONAL health inspector to examine your apartment. IF a mold infestation was found, you might then be able to reclaim your costs through a civil lawsuit.

  • 4 years ago

    First you must ensure that there is no mould on the again part of the sheet rock - mildew can be very harmful After that and if there's none - before you paint the walls use an mold proof primer and be sure to get a excellent one - that you would be able to have them put in some pigment for what ever colour you're planning on painting the partitions - on hare surfaces spray a combo of 1 part bleach and two materials water

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