Could this be a cold, or strep throat, or something worse?

I'm not too sure on this. Not too concerned, but... I guess it'd be than not to know.

So, it been getting more difficult to breathe (mostly at night about 2-3 hours before I go to sleep, and then I will actually stop breathing while trying to sleep) and I checked my throat.

I had and still have white spots at the very back of my tongue. Its raised, too, and its in the gag-reflex area so I can't just brush it off or anything.

My throat then began to hurt very slightly (not now) and I have slightly bright red marks on the back of my throat. I've also begun coughing a lot more frequently and I've had a fever on and off since yesterday.

What do you think this is? Just a cold, or...?


*it'd be better than not to know

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  • 7 years ago
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    dude u got allergies. The white spots and bright red marks are because u breathe through ur mouth instead of ur nose. Go to ur doc, and ask for a corticosteroid nasal spray or an anti-allergy medication.

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