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Will modern humans evolve physically, or will their technology and culture evolve instead?

Human physical evolution is pretty much at an end, as technology protects us from the need of natural selection and competition with other species.

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    Humans, as a species, will continue to evolve even as technology protects us from natural selective factors. Notice how many more people today need glasses, or have wheat & peanut allergies? In the past, more of those people would've died off. In some ways this will make us physically more fragile on the whole. However, the physically weaker people who'll live may possess other advantageous traits that will benefit the population.

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    with present status, humans may become weaker and technology and culture evolve us in all section. We might have a great brain but a bad health. That is resulted by hours sitting in front of computer, fast food, environment solution,... We must do exercise while thinking! :)

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