How to stop using my best friend's panties to...?

When I sleep over at my best friend's house, I masturbate in her panties while she's in the shower. Then I put them back in her drawer and pretend to be asleep when I hear the shower turn off. I don't know why but I always hope that she picks them and puts them on with my juices still in them... I know this sounds weird and creepy but it's a serious addiction for me. I cut it really close a few times because she got out of the shower before I finished and I didn't want to stop. She's my best friend and it's such a turn on but I'm so scared that she'll catch me one time and never speak to me again. How can I stop :( she asks me to spend the night all the time and I can't just find excuses every time :( and I'm really scared I'm gonna take it farther and touch her in her sleep. Someone please help me :'(

1 Answer

  • 7 years ago

    The next time she gets in the shower, occupy your mind with something else. Tell yourself what could happen if she found out. This is an act that your always going to remember and one that you probably should never tell her, so the longer you do this the harder it will be. It's also practically a form a sexual abuse if you think about it: her genitals are going where your fluids went, without her consent.

    Since your doing this, I'm assuming your a lesbian and it turns you on because you're attracted to her: You should let her know your a lesbian, instead of hiding it from her. If you think she's a lesbian then ask her if she is. If she's a lesbian or if she ask you, tell her how you feel about her.

    If she's a lesbian and you become intimate with each other then you maybe you could tell her about what you did and apologize for not asking her first, but only if you don't think she wont be mad about it. If she would be mad then and you think you'd both be happier if you just didn't say anything then do that. Whether you tell her or not, you could ask her if she's alright with the idea of you doing that.

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