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How can I get over him.?

he cheated on me so I broke up with him but now I'm kinda regretting it :( I really love him but fighting the erge to not text him is really hard help please.!!!

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    Avoid him, get your mind off of anything to do with him. Remember if he cheated on you that proves him unfaithful and even if you got back together, it could happen again. It's not worth going through that again no mater how much you love him.

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    Girllllll I feel you! Me and my ex dated for a looong time and I kept having this feeling that he was cheating so I was very paranoid. So I ended it. A couple months later we started talking again and were about to date. But I just had to know if he cheated so I asked him and sure enough, he did. So I just couldn't put myself in that position again. He was my "first love" so of course it took me FOREVER to get over him. I'm still not 100% over it and its almost been a year since we broke up. We are still good friends and talk almost everyday but that's all we will ever Be. So don't put yourself in that position to get hurt again! You can still be friends with him but don't do anything stupid. You are strong! You can do this :)

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    be strong and do not contact him for 60 days. rethink how you feel and if you still feel like wanting to contact him in 60 days. i imagine your feelings will be different and more logical.

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