What should I do now ?

Ok, i was talk to a boy which he is 15 now , we just talk about daily and I thought he was a nice boy , the problem is he proposed to me yesterday I can't accept it cause im elder than him ..

I just try to explain him that im elder than him and its not possible, but he still waiting for my answer...so now what shall I do, I just dont understand why is he likes me ..help me guys?????

My age : 20

His : 15

I just dont wanna hurt him by avoid or being rude to him...thanks for helping...

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  • 7 years ago
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    Age doesn't matter, everyone says it does, but it really doesn't.

    If you love him, and he loves you then except it.If no one likes you're decision then let them go, if he makes you happy, and smile, and laugh. Be with him.

    He obviously like you for a reason, and he isn't willing to give up any time soon. Be happy with the people around you and yourself. :)

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