Im 15 years old and i'm going to Hangout Music Fest, in just a couple days. Its the first time i've ever been to a music fest. This girl in my 5th block and I were talking and shes been to the music fest i'm going to 4 times. She told me people spray acid or LSD on you, out of water bottles and water guns and stuff, like its in a liquid form. and she made it seem like you cant do anything to prevent this happening to you. And you start tripping when it gets even on your skin because it absorbs. I don't know this girl to well so i don't know if she was exaggerating or what. I'm really scared now because i don't want that to happen to me obviously. I'd freak out because I have anxiety and I'm like naturally paranoid under the influence. It just wouldn't be good! So if you've ever been to a music fest and think this is or isn't true please let me know! And what I can do to prevent this from happening to me and just if you have any other safety tips please let me know!

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    8 years ago
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    I am also going to the Hangout Festival. You don't have to be worried about being sprayed with drugs. It's not going to happen. Hangout is pretty mild on drug use anyways. You will encounter people using other substances, but you won't be forced to partake.

    Other safety tips:

    1. Bring sunscreen. You'll be in the sun all day and don't want to be fried on Sunday.

    2. Prepare for lines. Hangout is pretty notorious about long entrance lines, so if you want to see an act at 12:30, show up well before.

    3. Your cell phone won't work too well, so be prepared.

    4. Have fun. Enjoy Tom Petty!

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    Relax i've been to so many festivals and shows ranging from phish to the dead allman brothers where LSD is plentiful and let me tell you no one is gonna waste their money considering a visine bottle full is several hundred dollars to fill a squirtgun would cost a ton not to mention the people that have the LSD are generally hippie-like and aren't violent so in my experience the only people trippin on acis are doing so voluntarily

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    8 years ago

    haha never gonna happen! I've heard acid and LSD are too expensive to chuck around in water bottles... I've heard. you really have nothing to worry about. music festivals are amazing to go to. you will love it. It sounds like some one is filling this lasses head with shite! You will be going nuts, enjoying yourself safe in the knowledge that you are acid free. She on the other hand will be running away from anyone with a water bottle! #faceplam kcco x

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