What does it mean that I'm a Gemini/Cancer?

I was born on June 21 a changing day for the zodiac signs. I have read after years of thinking that I'm just a Gemini that I could be considered a Gemini/Cancer. Also note that June 21 is the summer solstice. I don't follow astrology or this stuff much but I'd like to know what it means.

I also have a numerology number of 5, and I was born in the year of the dog if that means anything to anyone.

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    7 years ago
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    No. You would not be considered a Gemini/Cancer.

    Only by writers who can't practice real astrology.

    3 years out of every 4, Sun starts out June 21st in Gemini, but moves into Cancer SOMETIME before the end of the day. So were you born before or after that transition? Unfortunately, it happens at a different time every year, so you must do up your timed birth chart to know where your Sun is.

    Then ... if you are born on that 4th year out of every 4, Sun is already IN Cancer at the start of June 21st, so you would definitely have Sun in Cancer .. not ion Gemini.

    This whole business of "on the cusp", of considering someone to be a combination of two signs, is only a scam promoted by writers who cannot do up your individual timed birth chart, and who assume you don't even know what a birth chart is.

    And, to some extent, it kinda works. They are at least 50% right. And since you might have Mercury, Venus, or any of the OTHER 7 planets in the other sign, you could easily be both signs.

    The fact is that in astrology, we use the Sun sign, the Moon sign, and the 8 planetary signs as well.

    If you are curious, do up your chart using:

    - day-month-year

    - hour-minute

    - location

    of birth

    There are many sites that will do up your chart for free. I recommend this one generally, as it is very accurate.


    Source(s): Professionally-certified astrologer with 40+ years experience
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    5 years ago

    You'll have traits of both signs, depending where your Moon sits, and what your rising sign is, its hard to say what will dominate. But as Gemini is quick to change its mind and sometimes personality, you will change depending on the depth of the situation. Your cancer mood will bring you down a little, wishing for stable love, close circle of friends and family, maybe even a bit sulky. Gemini will lift your mood, making you more light hearted, prefering to flit about from one person to the next soon as you get bored. You'll more than likely have lots of friends as Gem's are good talkers and Cancer is caring. Pisces is a nice match for you, more than likely on your wave-length as far as emotion goes, & as long as they are interesting, and are good conversationalists you'll have fun.

  • 7 years ago

    Being born between the 19th and 21 of any sign automatically makes you born on the cusp, which means you share similarities between the Gemini sign and Cancer sign. You may be erractic, untimely, youthful acting and looking, and extrmely charming. Channeling your inner Cancer, yoi can also be moody, emotional, insecure, nurturing, and family-oriented.

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  • 7 years ago

    Your neither. astrology was created using someones imagination. Follow God and repent and turn away from sin

    Source(s): A Christian
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