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I'm having weak erections and I need help?

Please read my whole story because I really could use some answers. Ok now it's been a little hard on me to post this but it's about time I do. Anyways my issue is that I'm having weak erections and I'm a 13 year old boy and way to young for Viagra which I will never even wanna get. I've gone through puberty, I have pubes, and my penis has fully grown but does not get very hard and not as big as it used to. The growth of my penis was the first stage of puberty that I went through and my penis would get to 6 inches long when erect but then I started masturbating but not very often. Then I discovered pornography and started masturbating to porn almost everyday and I still do it but not as much maybe twice a week. So lately I've been noticing that my penis isn't getting to 6 inches when erect like it used to. Now it gets to about 5 inches when erect and it doesn't get as hard anymore like it used too. So I did some research on my phone and discovered that excessive masturbating causes week erections. Now I didn't start excessively masturbating until I discovered porn. I also read that heavily smoking marijuana causes it but I've only smoked a small joint of weed in all of the time I've been alive so I know it's not that. From now to then I set goals for my self to avoid porn and masturbation but I just can't resist it. I'm starting over again. It's like trying to quit smoking but then you just go back to doing it again. I've set the goal again to stop watching and masturbating to porn and I've gone about 1 week and 2 days without it. Is it to late to save my erections? If you have answers I would really appreciate it guys thanks for reading!

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    I'll kiss it better.

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    A few possible fixes. First off - excessive masturbation can weaken erection strength - try going without for a week or 2. Second, a better diet, some exercise - get the blood flow going. Compound exercises like squats at the gym increase testosterone massively and should help. Third, possibly try some jelqing exercises - search online for that. Fourth - I used these things as a weightlifting supplement but wow it does a lot down there (I read up on it online afterwards - apparently a very common use for them): l-arginine from holland and barratts, maybe some l-lysine as well. They're just amino acids (fairly cheap to buy) but they really get the blood flow going. Maybe start with 1000mg a day up it to 2000mg. Other than this, you could go see a doctor.

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