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Fear of thunder? Immediate help?

I know why I am afraid and its only the thunder that scares me, I think lightning is beautiful. I also know that its only the noise caused by lightning. I have tried many times to face my fear ( sitting outside seems to help but isn't always possible.) but a big storm hits and I get scared all over again. I have kids so putting on headphones to block the noise isn't always an option either. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Not hypnosis.

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    The fear of thunder is for the most part a phantom fear. The fear of lightning, however, is utterly justified. That can kill you. Transfer your fear of thunder into a healthy respect for lightning.

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    My expensive friend, you might be perfectly common! It is usual to be petrified of the thunder, it can be dangerous. We still have in us the genes of the hunter-gatherer we as soon as have been and a foul weather day supposed for us, no looking or gathering, as a result no food leading to starvation. In addition, the lightning could be fatal. A thunderstorm day was a sad day. However in these days, we know extra about thunder and lightning. We know why it happens and what are the real dangers. Listed here are a few details: - steel doesn't entice the lightning. It leads electricity but does not entice it. - The rubber tires of a car would not avert the lightning to hit it, but the metal body of the auto works as a Faraday cage round you, making it riskless to be there throughout a thunderstorm. - If there is a mast or a high structure, it's going to hit it but provided that in any other case it will hit the ground inside a radius about equal to the peak of the mast over the bottom. For this reason, if you are virtually the sort of constitution, you don't danger whatever, you aren't the tallest object within the vicinity. However do not contact the constitution (mast, tree or building) considering the fact that the lightning could journey external it. - except you could have an aerial power deliver to your home and metal draining pipes, it's perfectly riskless to take a bath or a shower for the period of a thunderstorm. - No, the lightning can not go across a window but when it falls neighborhood, the shock wave may just smash the window and you will have to not stand to shut for the duration of a thunderstorm. Now, you may have a far better worry of the thunder than the average. Some have extra, some have less. Tips on how to eliminate any phobia is by means of learning about it. Were you aware that even pilots get many times the worry of flying? It's conveniently cured and so they all return to work after a even as. Learn concerning the lightning. Advantage is your friend! Attempt to get used of it, in a safe situation, along with anybody you believe, and, with time, it will go over. Do not fear, it will! ;-) Have a beautiful life, having fun with nature and ... Even thunderstorms! ;-)

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    During a thunder storm, try to understand the scientific principles behind thunder. It's only the air rapidly getting bigger and smaller (expanding and contracting); noise is a byproduct. If that fails, think of yourself sitting on a balance board. When ever you feel fear, it dramatically tilts to one side. If you can focus your energy on balancing yourself, you will forget that a thunder storm is taking place.

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    It is just angels in Heaven bowling.

    The ball going down and then HITTING the pins.

    No more fear !

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