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Can I let my baby chicks out of the brooder for a while just to walk around inside?

I got chicks yesterday so now they're thee days old. they're healthy and strong, and adorable! its really hard to resist letting them out for a tiny bit . I want to be able to let them walk around and explore ut I don't want to endanger their lives! D: Im just confused, some of my friends told me they were letting theirs walk around but I keep worrying. Help? C:

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    No its best to keep them contained if want you could place them into a larger container and let them play the reason I say no is these little guys are FAST and can out run you and get into tiny spots away from you then you have a peep out in the cold away from the others and now its another critters dinner like a cat or hawk or coon what ever is in your neck of the woods now on the other hand if you have a place where the peeps can not escape or get threw the fence by all means do so but be sure they will be safe and not escape from you and you can get them when you want to go back inside.Be sure the weather is warm and not windy or cool since it wont take much to make a baby peep ill they still need the warmth of the mom or aheat lamp so doing this is fine if all else is right.

    Source(s): have had many peeps here 20 +yrs with chickens
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